It is a mobile application based on tactile interaction with simple forms of simulated life. The goal was to experiment with the haptic effects caused by the ability to directly touch reactive geometric shapes that can interact with your fingers.

Chromovores are circles with a subtle “trunk” that can “suck” a color from fingertips placed on the screen. The color obtained affects the appearance of the shapes and increases their size. Once a given diameter is reached, the chromovores double, detach from the fingertips and begin to decrease in size until they need another color again.

The app’s practical aim was simply to be an anti-stress pastime, but the app seems to also be able to encourage motor skills in children with special needs and improves their hand-eye coordination.

  • 2012
    Made available in the App Store.
  • 2013?
    App mentioned on the site which is dedicated to information and communication technology for students with special needs.
  • 2014
    App inserted in the Apps intervention database, a website that catalogs useful apps for children with autism spectrum disorders.
  • 2019
    Made available in the Google Play Store.

Chromovores looking for color.

Feeding the chromovores.

Chromovore growth.

Chromovores' loss of energy after detachment from the fingertips.

Feeding chromovores with multiple fingers.