The project

My name is Antonio Belluscio and Livin’ Bits is a “restoration” project of my past generative works and my taking up creative coder activities again.

Some of my works are no longer executable on current computers or mobile devices as a consequence of their technological obsolescence. Some had been stored on old “digital” musicassettes which are now illegible. Of others, all that remains are the listings printed on thermal paper.
Thanks to the evolution of web standards, I will try to reprogram the most interesting works in JavaScript to allow for their live execution in the latest browsers.

Another aim is to resume the exploration of human perception dynamics through the gap between implemented and perceived logic. The project’s name indicates a specific interest in the perception of intelligence and life in digital artifacts that may, perhaps, help us to also understand some of our prejudices in the relationships with natural life forms.

One of the musicassettes used to store the first generative experiments made in the early 80’s with an Atari 800XL.